Sucker Rods Reversing Tong (Model XQY-100/3.5)

Date: 17 Jul 2009
Model XQY-100/3.5 sucker rods reversing tong is a new model power tong developed by our company to forcibly break up rusty sucker rods thread .The tong exerts advanced turning brake mechanism and inner cured sucker rods body clamping mechanism combined with automatic on-off safe door. Other more, there is a safe control valve in the manual shifting valve, which can efficiently regulate the system pressure and protect the power tong when it is overloaded.XQY-100/3.5 sucker rods power tong is used to forcibly break up CYG19 、CYG 22、 CYG25、 CYG 29 sucker rods thread in well service and it has the following features such as simply structure、reliable clamping character and larger torque.
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Shandong Laizhou Toppower Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd
239 # Shifang Street Laizhou, Shandong of China [261400]
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