Sealed Hydraulic Rotary Table(Model ZPY180/24 )

Date: 17 Jul 2009
Model ZPY180/24 sealed hydraulic rotary table is a new pattern of self-sealing workover tool for drilling out cement block, mill and thread making in oil fields. The application of this tool will enlarged the service range and capacity of the workover machine. It is an ideal equipment for mini-service team that can do some drilling stem which only big-service teams can do. 1. It is simple and convenient that only need have the hydraulic power source. 2. It adapts a low speed and larger torque hydraulic motor. This tool is light and has high torques yet with small volume, making the installation and handling easy. 3. This tool has the self-sealing system and is equipped with self-sealing bushing inside, realizing both dynamic and static sealings of the drilling rod. Rubber ring sealing is adopted at the joint of the rotary table and the well mouth, which successfully solves the problem of sealing under bounce-back forces in clean-out service. 4. This tool reduces the pollution to the field by avoiding leakage when the drilling rod moves up and down with or without pressure in field work. 5. This table has the equipment to avoid reverse rotation, thus able to control the rotation direction well.
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