Hydraulic Power Tongs (Model XQY-150/12)

Date: 17 Jul 2009
Model XQY-150/12 Hydraulic Power Tongs is a larger torque tongs in the XQY series, It consist of the main tongs and backup tongs. The nominal diameter of the main tongs head is 150mm. The nominal diameter of the backup tongs head is 160mm. The nominal torque is 12KN?m. It is suitable for assembling and disassembling 73mm(27/8″)、89 mm(31/2″)、114mm(41/2″)pips, and 73mm(27/8?)、89mm(31/2?)small drill rod joints and 127 mm(5?)、140mm (51/2?) sleeve pipe string threads. It is a ideal complete set of equipment used for major workover operation. It is of the following features:
  1. The main tongs and backup tongs adopt the clamping mechanism of the internal curved surface roller climbing. The dies are used in common. The die seats can be changed to need the different calibers of pipe clamping.
  2. The main tongs and backup tongs control the rotation direction by the same manual reversing valve. The operation is simple but reliable.
  3. The main tongs is equipped with four-gear shifting mechanism, among the gears are equal ratio level difference. The broad applicable range of torque and speed shall be achieved by properly adjusting the system pressure and flow rate.
  4. The power tongs has a spring hanger or hydraulic spring hanger. The spring hanger is used for duplex lift sub operation. When it is equipped with the hydraulic spring hanger, the manual elevating valve for controlling the power tongs slow lifting shall be matched.
  5. The matched manual reversing valve has a overflow valve mechanism. It can dependably protect the hydraulic system and can effectively adjust the system pressure.
  6. The power tongs is installed a torque control system. When the torque reaches the set value, the power tongs will stop rotating automatically. This control system is convenient for the power tongs to apply the best make-up torque to the different sizes of pip string. This system’s torque sensing equipment can be connected with the torque instrument. The torque instrument can indicate, record and print the torque value, and give alarm signal when overloaded (It shall be matched when customer requires).
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