Hydraulic Power Tong(Model YQ115-9Y )

Date: 17 Jul 2009
YQ115-9Y Hydraulic Power Tong is a new pattern of open-type hydraulic power tong, using advanced technology from USA and co-produced with an American company.
  It adopts advanced tubing clamping technology and a special transmission system, and can perform safe, convenient and effective clamping and making-up and breaking-out of tubings of different given specifications. This pattern of tong can also be equipped with high-torque motors to put out high torque, according to your needs.
  All these features make this pattern of tong an ideal tool for making up and breaking out common oil tubings in oil field work.
  1. Double-speed-shift design makes possible safe making up and breaking out of oil tubings
  2. Exchange the position of the jaw assembly and bushing assembly, and prompt shift between making up and breaking out can be realized.
  3. Changing the jaw and bushing assembly for different specifications will meet the needs of making up and breaking out in a given range.
  4. Replacing high torque hydraulic power motor can realize torque output of as high as 9KN.m(6KN.m for standard configuration).
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