Control Torque Hydraulic Power Tong (Model XQY-100/3IKN )

Date: 17 Jul 2009
Model XQY-100/3IKN Control Torque Hydraulic Power Tong is a brand-new product developed by our company. This tong adopts the advanced steering brake mechanism and oil pipe clamping mechanism, and adopts the update patent technology of Torque Auto-control System (The patent No.: 03279805?9 ) , based on the original Model XQY-100/3I Hydraulic Power Tong. It is of the simple structure, reliable function, long life service, good performance, low noise features etc, it can be used effectually to control the change of the oil pipes and it is widely used in the workover operation for assembling and disassembling small model control torque, open mouth hydraulic power tong of 60 (23/8″), 73 (27/8″), 89 (31/2″) mm oil pipes.
  1. The complete set of the power tong consists of the main tong and backup tong. To operate the manual overflow valve of the main tong, the backup tong will work synchronously with the main tong, and work flexibly and in phase.
  2.Both the head of the main tong and the head of the backup tong adopt two-way clamping mechanism of the internal curved surface roller grade climbing to clamp the oil pipes. Its structure is simple but reliable.
  3.The steering control mechanism is set on the top of the main tong head and is convenient for adjustment and maintenance.
  4.The main tong has automatic on-off safe door.
  5.The safe control valve is set in the manual reversing valve, it can be used effectually to control the system pressure, and it also can be helped to protect the hydraulic power tong when overloaded.
  6.The power tong adopts pilot hydraulic control system and it can be used safely and freely to adjust the torque value when making-up. When the make-up torque reaches the set value, the power tong will stop rotating automatically.
  7.The power tong is equipped with a pressure, torque indicator, which indicates the make-up pressure value and torque value.
  8.The power tong is equipped with a pressure, torque gauge control switch . When the power tong is in normal operation, the control switch can be put to the close position in order to prolong the service life of the pressure, torque gauge.
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