Casing Tong(Model TQ340/35YA)

Date: 17 Jul 2009
TQ 340/35YA casing tong is used to make up or break out casing screws in oilfields. This tong adopts advanced tubing clamping technology and a special transmission system, and can perform safe, convenient and effective clamping and making up or breaking out of tubing of different given specifications. And the main feature is great efficiency, reducing the labors and improving the casing screws connection, lessening the casing accident. The features: 1. The opening design: convenient to enter or back off, and the intensity and rigidity of whole tong head is good. 2. Swinging double jaws tong head design: easy to assemble, clamp and back off. 3. Brake band design: with big brake torque and easy to operate, repair and replace. 4. Opening big gear support structure: obtaining greatly improved intensity and rigidity. 5. Whole hydraulic power system: adopting simple mechanical shift and obtaining stable functions. 6. Manganese steel plate case: higher strength; Precision cast jaws: smart appearance and high strength。 7. Hydraulic torque indicator:with an installation port for torque indicating cell, easy for operation with a computer.
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