Zigong Dongfang Tongyong Gas Compressor Co., Ltd.

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Zigong Dongfang Tongyong Gas Compressor Co., Ltd., located in Yantan industrial Zone of Zigong, is dedicated to supplying excellent compressors and solutions for customers worldwide.
We are backed by experts from the former Zigong Gas Compressor Factory, who had above 50 years' experience in compressor industry and produced the first set of diesel portable air compressor, as well as the technology support from Xian Jiaotong University, Sichuan University of Science & Engineering and Sichuan Luzhou Gas and Chemical Research Institute. With technological improvement, our CNG compressors retain good and stable quality.
Moreover, we attained such certificates as ISO9001:2000, Membership Certificate of Compressor Association, National Certification of Qualification Approval, National Production License for Industrial Products, and Production Quality Certificate. We also attained witness testing certification by most major accreditation bodies, such as SGS.
Combined with specialist partners who are selected sincerely to provide quality subsidiary equipment like dispensers and dryers, we are able to supply a complete and reliable solution to meet the customers' refueling needs.
Subject to our company spirit of market-oriented, practical, creative, focus on customer, and care about what customer cares, we will keep on perfecting our products and services.
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Yantan Industrial Zone[643031]
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